Definition of exclusive economic zone in English:

exclusive economic zone


  • An area of coastal water and seabed within a certain distance of a country's coastline, to which the country claims exclusive rights for fishing, drilling, and other economic activities.

    • ‘Under the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, it is prohibited for a country to conduct research on natural resources that may lead to economic activities in the exclusive economic zone of another country.’
    • ‘In particular, the post-UNCED agreements and other instruments stress the need to adopt a precautionary approach, and to harmonize management of coastal areas and exclusive economic zones.’
    • ‘It argues the islands legally belong to Japan and that the area is within its exclusive economic zone.’
    • ‘He said interested parties can also use the islands as bases for their fishing fleets operating in exclusive economic zones and for the cultivation of seaweed and fish.’
    • ‘Japan claims those waters are within its 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone and that any fishing accord regarding them would have to be approved by Japan.’
    • ‘The majority of over-fishing has occurred in coastal waters within the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zones of coastal States.’
    • ‘One hundred kilograms of heroin and about 5 million amphetamine tablets were seized Sunday from two Thai trawlers in a Thai exclusive economic zone in the Andaman Sea, the Royal Thai Navy said Monday.’
    • ‘Most of the Bearing Sea lies within 200 nautical mile areas which are designated as exclusive economic zones claimed by the United States and Russia, which limit their combined pollock catch to about 2.5 million tons a year.’
    • ‘In December 2000, they also signed a sea-border agreement demarcating territorial waters and exclusive economic zones.’
    • ‘There is absolutely no reference whatsoever in the deed of settlement to fish caught outside the exclusive economic zone, in international waters.’
    • ‘Under the 1994 convention, the two countries are to establish 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zones off the coasts of both countries.’
    • ‘The exploration of natural gas fields near Okinawa could infringe on its exclusive economic zone.’
    • ‘Australia's fishing rights within the exclusive economic zone are occasionally infringed by Indonesian fishing boats that stray into Australian waters and are usually impounded.’
    • ‘Under the U.N. Convention of the Law of the Sea, countries are entitled to claim 200 nautical miles from their shores as their exclusive economic zones.’
    • ‘The two countries have been feuding over claims to undersea gas deposits in the area and the delineation of their exclusive economic zones there.’
    • ‘Australia has one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world, its total area being greater than the nation's land area.’
    • ‘We've said we will extend the area of the Great Barrier Reef region out to the exclusive economic zone, to rule out the prospect of oil and gas drilling and exploration.’
    • ‘One of the unplanned results of the Law of the Sea Conference was the unilateral extension of coastal boundaries beyond their territorial sea for another 188 miles as an exclusive economic zone.’
    • ‘Even if ownership of the islets is settled, the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea would appear to deny that an exclusive economic zone can be extended from islands that have never been inhabited.’