Definition of exclusiveness in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈskluːsɪvnəs/ /ɛkˈskluːsɪvnəs/


See exclusive

  • ‘Kamel didn't mention price, but said the exclusiveness of luxury companies separates them from the ‘mad and undignified’ products and practices of the mass-market consumer companies.’
  • ‘The book's thrust is to get wine appreciation down to an approachable level from the heights of exclusiveness; to get people to try something different without much damage to the wallet.’
  • ‘They display an intolerant exclusiveness, and a belligerent sense of supremacy vis-à-vis the other.’
  • ‘At the same time, there's a sense of exclusiveness in discovering a band or a singer who you believe is speaking directly to you about your life.’
  • ‘Now that Concorde has made its last flight to New York, what can passengers do to replicate its exclusiveness - if not its speed?’



/ɪkˈskluːsɪvnəs/ /ɛkˈskluːsɪvnəs/