Definition of excremental in English:



See excrement

  • ‘Her textual obscenery is perceived as ‘bad’, as excremental because it denies mainstream literary audiences the satisfaction of uncomplicated, uncritical consumption.’
  • ‘There were cracks showing in my armor during the first episode last week, but then the second episode was all abuse, histrionics, and excremental singing, so I, with some relief, was ready to write it off.’
  • ‘This unthinking reliance on the spell checker allows otherwise intelligent people to produce written communication that varies from the merely embarrassing to the truly excremental.’
  • ‘Risking olfactory-nerve damage at the 15th, we breathed deeply because there moved on the air that certain smell born of mighty excremental deposits.’
  • ‘That is not the case with the cesspool of shock jocks who have followed in his excremental wake, turning morning drive radio into a mine field of endless, mindless offense.’