Definition of excretory in English:



  • Relating to or concerned with excretion.

    ‘the excretory organs’
    • ‘The placenta forms from both embryonic and maternal tissues, and hosts an astonishing array of hormonal, nutritional, respiratory, excretory, and immunological functions.’
    • ‘SARS virus were detected in urinary, excretory and digestive organs of four patients, who were among the early victims of the disease last spring.’
    • ‘In freshwater forms, these include the nuchal gland, or neck organ, with ion transporting cells for salt uptake, and excretory organs for water excretion.’
    • ‘Pharynx, larynx, urethra, and portions of the excretory ducts of salivary and mammary glands.’
    • ‘These parameters can vary significantly between patients, resulting in differences in drug absorption, drug metabolic and excretory activity, drug distribution and the overall efficacy of drug regimens.’
    • ‘Monitoring is particularly necessary for patients with liver disease, as the liver is the primary metabolic and excretory site.’
    • ‘Notice that there is no muscle, gut, excretory, reproductive or endocrine tissue represented in the figure.’
    • ‘The abdomen contains the bulk of the digestive, excretory, and reproductive organs.’
    • ‘The FCC has defined indecent material as that which ‘depicts or describes sexual or excretory organs or activities’.’
    • ‘In the resection specimen, irregular zones of fibrosis and a dilatation of the glandular excretory duct system were grossly evident.’
    • ‘Inside the gland, multiple follicle pouches join to form excretory ducts, which empty into the urethra.’
    • ‘The male reproductive organs include the primary sex glands, the testes, the various excretory ducts, the accessory glands, and the penis.’
    • ‘The article mentions that liver should not be had on a regular basis by those who are prone to gout because it is an excretory organ and high in uric acid.’
    • ‘A central excretory bladder and more peripheral cecum were present.’
    • ‘And I will also mention that I, for one, am glad that healthy fiction will also give me words for the parts and functions of my excretory and reproductive systems so that I can laugh at them: at myself.’
    • ‘Mammalian examples are the intertwining of the alimentary and digestive systems or the reproductive and excretory systems, which often require medical intervention.’



/ɪkˈskriːtəri/ /ɛkˈskriːtəri/