Definition of excruciate in English:


Pronunciation /ikˈskro͞oSHēˌāt/ /ɪkˈskruʃiˌeɪt/

transitive verb

[with object]rare
  • Torment (someone) physically or mentally.

    ‘I stand back, excruciated by the possibility’
    • ‘For him, cruelty was a legitimate and necessary procedure, almost a profession of faith, and European artists showed him how to excruciate a tame local reality.’
    • ‘Nothing, except the lingering echo in his mind of the last thing he had heard; of that excruciated scream of someone on the ship, burning to death.’
    • ‘If being in the plane was bad then the jump was excruciated.’
    • ‘He puffs and winces, excruciated with chest pains - which recur horribly in joyless mid-coitus with his other woman.’
    • ‘So we are invited to relish the very excesses of a Goering, to excruciate in the intellectualizing of a Speer, and to be appalled by the evidence (eyewitness, documentary, and candid-camera) presented.’
    torture, afflict, harrow, plague, distress, agonize, cause agony to, cause suffering to, cause pain to, inflict anguish on


Late 16th century from Latin excruciat- ‘tormented’, from the verb excruciare (based on crux, cruc- ‘a cross’).