Definition of exculpatory in English:




See exculpate

  • ‘The plaintiff, in his affidavit, states that he believes there is exculpatory evidence in the possession of the various prosecuting defendants.’
  • ‘It is primarily for the defence to look for and collect evidence aimed at refuting the charges (although if the Prosecutor finds exculpatory evidence, he is duty bound to disclose it to the defence).’
  • ‘Defendants have a basic constitutional right of access to exculpatory witnesses in the government's custody, an integral part of the broader right to present a defense.’
  • ‘But a general promise of confidentiality unless their evidence is required for this purpose means that exculpatory evidence will normally be confidential while incriminating evidence will not.’
  • ‘However, since automatism is such a powerful exculpatory factor, the courts have attempted to circumscribe its use, defining it fairly narrowly and developing three major doctrines of limitation.’
  • ‘A second reform would reward conspirators for giving exculpatory information.’