Definition of excursionist in English:



See excursion

‘Excursions allowed black organizations to raise money from modern commercial leisure activities, yet the journey allowed excursionists to enjoy traditional pastimes.’
  • ‘With the exception of the railway station clock, this was the only one in the main street, and to excursionists particularly, hurrying to catch their trains, the presence of this clock would be greatly appreciated.’
  • ‘A good many of the excursionists were conveyed to the head of the lake by the steam-yacht ‘Swift,’ which made its initial journey for the season on that day.’
  • ‘If he ever visited Sicily, the island of his agrarian fancies, he did so only as an excursionist.’
  • ‘Within an hour of Train 19's arrival, excursionists were headed for the old-time trolleys that serve the beautiful Garden District or toward the French Quarter 3 blocks away.’
  • ‘Rail travel by spectators to more important distant away games was more certainly growing by the later 1880s, and even the nature of the excursionists was changing.’



/ikˈskərZH(ə)nəst/ /ɪkˈskərʒ(ə)nəst/