Definition of exeat in English:



  • A permission from a college, boarding school, or other institution for temporary absence.

    • ‘No wonder I never wanted to go back after exeats and holidays.’
    • ‘Barracks could now be provided, and exeats were strictly controlled.’
    • ‘I've been gated, banned from Parkins, warned not to see Jason until the exeat, and I have to do table duty for two weeks!’
    • ‘It was an exeat and some strings had been pulled to let Gemma stay with the Moffatts for the weekend.’
    • ‘In fact, I was going to ask you if you wanted to come home with me one exeat and meet my family.’
    permit, warrant, authorization, licence


Early 18th century from Latin, ‘let him or her go out’, third person singular present subjunctive of exire (see exit).