Definition of execratory in English:



See execrate

  • ‘They can only use some weak execratory words or phrases, such as "Oh dear", "Oh, God!", "God bless me!", or "Good God!".’
  • ‘We had a fellow, on the one hand, with a temperament given to bullying execratory outbursts, who had demonstrated neither an interest in nor knowledge of our Constitution.’
  • ‘Common cursing achieves its desired result in part by breaking that taboo whereas execratory cursing conveys its force through its literal propositions.’
  • ‘An execratory oath is that by which a man, in order to obtain faith in what he says, calls down some evil upon himself or others belonging to him.’
  • ‘The new society soon forgot the meaning of the execratory oath that the members were obliged to take at their initiation.’