Definition of executive agreement in English:

executive agreement


  • An international agreement, usually regarding routine administrative matters not warranting a formal treaty, made by the executive branch of the US government without ratification by the Senate.

    • ‘It is all nice and tidy because it is done by executive agreement; it does not have to go to Parliaments; and so on and so forth.’
    • ‘The Illinois senator put aside the Ludlow Amendment's demand for popular sanction of overseas military action, as well as the Bricker Amendment's goal of limiting presidential power to implement treaties and executive agreements.’
    • ‘This last point suggests a tenable distinction: executive agreements can be made on whatever the President wants, but unlike treaties, they can never be self-executing.’
    • ‘More recently, transgovernmental networks have arisen through executive agreement.’
    • ‘On occasion, and especially in the 1950s and 1960s, presidents have used executive agreements to commit the United States to defend other countries against aggression.’
    • ‘The Bracero Program was created in an executive agreement between the U.S. and Mexican governments to alleviate labor shortages in the United States during World War II.’
    • ‘Rather than try to create another trade organization, diplomats decided to make the ITO's charter the basis of GATT, which the United States then adhered to by executive agreement.’