Definition of executive council in English:

executive council


  • 1A council with executive power.

    • ‘In this year's conference, UBCMUN experimented with the North Atlantic Council, the executive council of NATO which is not an organ of the UN.’
    • ‘Union leaders at the executive council meeting did find common ground around dramatic proposals to strengthen state labor federations and central labor councils.’
    • ‘Today, the Labour Council is speaking out against an executive council at City Hall, but it's also reaching out to other community organizations for support.’
    • ‘Marshoff said the executive council's aim now was to appoint competent councillors to stabilise these municipal administrations.’
    • ‘The organisation, which represents school boards at national level, is in the middle of an election process to choose a new executive council.’
    • ‘He was also a member of the executive council of York Schools' Athletic Association of which he had also been general secretary and president.’
    • ‘They threatened legal action if the contract, due to be discussed at an executive council meeting this week, was terminated.’
    • ‘He has to deal with a union staff which is overwhelmingly hostile to him and a majority on his executive council who are directly opposed to his agenda.’
    • ‘On November 16, after a meeting of its executive council, the UDF announced its criteria for selecting MP candidates.’
    • ‘Are you saying that the composition of its executive council and other structures of governance is prescribed statutorily?’
    • ‘The full council will be meeting the executive council in November during the World Cup and I've no doubt that it will be on the agenda, very high up the agenda, and certainly a major topic of discussion.’
    • ‘He said the national executive council decided in April that all councillors should pay their contributions by July or be removed from the party.’
    • ‘While the Dublin City mayor has been expelled from the Labour Party group on the council he cannot be expelled from the party unless a specific complaint is made against him to the executive council.’
    • ‘A POA spokesman said yesterday they had agreed at their executive council meeting last Wednesday to continue with the LRC talks nevertheless.’
    • ‘The make-up of an interim executive council was the most important issue faced by four Afghan factions meeting at the secluded Petersberg hotel in their sixth day of talks.’
    • ‘A new executive council, which has been reduced in numbers from the current 70 to 52, will be the IFA's governing body.’
    • ‘The executive council of the Union of Democratic Forces will elect one of the four candidates for mayor of Sofia.’
    • ‘Did it all hinge on the creation of an all-powerful executive council, hand-picked by Fontaine to circumvent the chiefs?’
    • ‘The executive council unanimously accepted the proposals.’
    • ‘He was welfare officer on the executive council of the association and was actively involved in its many activities.’
    1. 1.1(in Australia) a body presided over by the Governor General or Governor and consisting of ministers of the Crown, which gives legal form to cabinet decisions.
      • ‘George says the Executive Council and Cabinet decide when to launch commissions of enquiry - and not mud-chucking political stirrers.’
      • ‘He arrived in NSW in 1826 as colonial secretary and was appointed to the Executive Council under Governor Darling.’
      • ‘The Honourable Dr David Kemp MP will be appointed Minister for the Environment and Heritage and remain as Vice President of the Executive Council.’
      • ‘It was proposed, in particular, that the Queen should preside at a meeting of the Federal Executive Council and open a session of the Commonwealth parliament.’
      • ‘They shall be members of the Federal Executive Council, and shall be the Queen's Ministers of State for the Commonwealth.’