Definition of executive secretary in English:

executive secretary


  • A secretary with administrative responsibilities, especially one managing the business affairs and activities of an executive or an organization.

    • ‘There is a soft under-belly of the organization, Uncle Billy, an absent-minded relative of the head-strong young executive secretary who manages it.’
    • ‘Our would-be executive secretary had glowing references.’
    • ‘The Alberta Teachers' Association executive secretary applauded the immediacy of the move.’
    • ‘But the press council's executive secretary dismissed Ms. Ferguson's claim.’
    • ‘Speaking in an interview yesterday, the NCC executive secretary said that the attacks on America compounded the slow-down of the world economy.’
    • ‘And Elayne is also looking for a job, so if you know of any executive secretary or administrative assistant positions in New York City, let her know.’
    • ‘C. M. Brittain resigned in 1941 after serving a total of twenty-one years as associate secretary and executive secretary.’
    • ‘He later became Aquino's justice secretary and executive secretary.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the executive secretary of the central committee organizing the test said she could not reveal what the committee will do in anticipation of the plan.’
    • ‘He did not fill the post of executive secretary but named an acting secretary on loan from NASA.’
    • ‘The GCAC executive secretary and Lecanto coach, who keeps the conference records and meeting notes, also could not think of an example.’
    • ‘She enrolled in a typing class and became an executive secretary.’
    • ‘Miriam had been working as executive secretary for a businessman who was president of his own company.’
    • ‘In 1948, the newly organized Baptist General Convention of Oregon elected him as executive secretary, and he served in that position until 1961.’
    • ‘As former administrative vice finance minister, Lin was the executive secretary of the stabilization fund until Wednesday.’
    • ‘She was the first president and executive secretary of Alabama State Nurses Association and served on the Board of Nurses' Examiners.’
    • ‘In his early 30s, he became the executive secretary of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, maybe the most influential position in the denomination.’