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  • 1Law
    A person or institution appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of their will.

    ‘Hugh appointed him an executor of his will’
    • ‘the executors of the late John B. Smith’
    • ‘Under the terms of clause 3 he must be appointed by the executors, and I propose to make orders reinstituting this procedure which the testator laid down rather than ordering an inquiry.’
    • ‘The problem in modern times usually does not arise because most testators who have infant children appoint an executor and also appoint the executor guardian.’
    • ‘He can certainly be appointed as executor of an estate by a testator who nominates him as such in a will.’
    • ‘Rather than conducting a regular probate where an executor is appointed and letters testamentary are issued by the court, it sounds like you can probate her will as a Muniment of Title.’
    • ‘Beginning in 2010, the regulations will allow an executor or a personal representative of an estate to adjust the cost basis of assets acquired by the estate's beneficiaries.’
  • 2A person who produces something or puts something into effect.

    ‘the makers and executors of policy’
    • ‘However, it should be noted the sample population was quite small and was skewed toward installation commanders, the executors of current outsourcing policies.’
    • ‘But Moscow didn't want to discover the executor of the contract, being afraid that the USA would apply sanctions against RPSAM.’
    • ‘But a dangerous paradox arose between segregation as a comprehensive state policy of social engineering and its likely executors in the local setting.’
    • ‘They believe that the governor is the primary executor of this agreement, and that's why they went after him.’
    • ‘With party members dominating administrative bodies, which included the people's commissariats at the top, those bodies functioned as executors of party policy.’
    • ‘The Koreans were not the puppets of the Soviet Union or its foreign policy executors.’
    • ‘Chen must act like a CEO who insists on tough discipline among his team, for the partially reorganized Cabinet acts as his policy executor.’
    • ‘And they are not actors, but executors of a real and serious political strategy.’
    • ‘The ISR rehearsal is led by the ISR executor and should be attended by brigade key leaders and a knowledgeable representative from every unit in the brigade.’
    • ‘Record-keeping guidelines set by state law, as well as by APA's Ethics Code, should be followed by the professional executor.’
    • ‘Becoming aware of itself, the self also discovers that it is not really its own, but is rather the involuntary executor of cosmic designs.’
    • ‘Gunawan made the headlines as his case also implicated four Marine officers who were the alleged executors of the fatal shooting.’
    doer, performer, author, executor, perpetrator, operator, operative, mover, producer




Middle English via Anglo-Norman French from Latin execut- ‘carried out’, from exsequi (see execute).