Definition of exedra in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛksɪdrə/ /ɪkˈsiːdrə/ /ɛkˈsiːdrə/


  • 1Architecture
    A room, portico, or arcade with a bench or seats where people may converse, especially in ancient Roman and Greek buildings.

    • ‘Like its model, this tall octagonal building has two one-storey porticoes with some unusual Corinthian capitals and a two-storey curved exedra.’
    • ‘When those same city fathers renovated North Side in the mid-1960s, they decided to dismantle the Anderson monument and destroy the exedra, wiping away the evidence, and the residents did not stop them.’
    • ‘The vignette that shows no walls around the city, is characterized by a semicircular road that goes round a church very similar to a colonnaded exedra.’
    • ‘The typical apartment in an insula had different rooms, segregated by function: the cubiculum or bedroom, the exedra or living room, and the medianum or central hall.’
    1. 1.1An outdoor recess containing a seat.


Latin, from Greek ex- ‘out of’ + hedra ‘seat’.



/ˈɛksɪdrə/ /ɪkˈsiːdrə/ /ɛkˈsiːdrə/