Definition of exfiltrate in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Withdraw (troops or spies) surreptitiously, especially from a dangerous position.

    ‘US special forces agents have all been exfiltrated from Iran’
    • ‘Usually, individuals had to exfiltrate enemy territory by hazardous land routes.’
    • ‘Infiltrating and exfiltrating people into and out of hostile areas are the most perilous applications of this tradecraft.’
    • ‘The bulk of these funds would be held in escrow, to be available to him at some future date when he determined that he wanted to be exfiltrated to the United States with his family.’
    • ‘The crew may also use this direct reporting method if an element is attempting to exfiltrate an area during low visibility and is trying to avoid any possible threats.’
    • ‘Guerrilla forces will immediately attempt to break contact, and if possible, exfiltrate the ambush site.’
    • ‘The main body of front line troops would exfiltrate rearward that night leaving behind a small covering force.’
    • ‘After refueling, the helicopters returned to exfiltrate the ground force.’
    • ‘The C-130 was evacuated and the order came to blow the aircraft and exfiltrate the country.’
    • ‘Instead, they were attempting to pick up the mortarman as he infiltrated or exfiltrated to and from his safe haven to his firing location.’
    • ‘At the same time, it maintained that ‘allegations of disappearances have been made concerning persons who have actually been exfiltrated across the border for training in subversion.’’
    • ‘A related interesting thought exercise would be how much cost would be required by a criminal organization in an attempt to exfiltrate the latest copy of the source code from Microsoft.’
    • ‘Snake is dispatched to an area in Russia to exfiltrate a Russian scientist who's working on the development of a new, highly destructive mobile tank platform.’
    • ‘The enemy usually tried to exfiltrate away down alleyways, but often had to run from positions of concealment to these exfiltration routes, so it was easy for us to anticipate where to kill the enemy.’
    • ‘The battalion immediately came under fire from enemy positions as soon as the first lift helicopters exfiltrated from the objective.’
    • ‘After their defeat, when the forces broke apart and exfiltrated into the mountains, they removed the opposing advantage.’
    • ‘Civilians from inside the building should be given necessary medical and psychiatric care; be interrogated for intelligence; and be screened to ensure that hostile forces do not exfiltrate among freed civilians.’
    • ‘Mortars are also employed, but are done so from a truck platform, or if dismounted, are dismounted quickly and only long enough to drop rounds and then remount the truck and exfiltrate.’
    • ‘After the completion of fencing work it would be impossible to either exfiltrate or infiltrate from this stretch.’
    • ‘It was used to infiltrate, exfiltrate, and re-supply in any weather condition and almost any environment.’
    • ‘AMC / A37V still requires pilots when dropping or exfiltrating troops.’



/eksˈfiltrāt/ /ɛksˈfɪltreɪt/


1980s (earlier (late 19th century) as exfiltration): perhaps suggested by infiltration, infiltrate.