Definition of exhilarating in English:


Pronunciation /iɡˈziləˌrādiNG/ /ɪɡˈzɪləˌreɪdɪŋ/

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  • Making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling.

    ‘an exhilarating two-hour rafting experience’
    • ‘Experiencing the pace of change in China was exhilarating.’
    • ‘The sight of a 25 lb salmon racing past less than a metre away is exhilarating.’
    • ‘For most Africans, independence has meant more a desperate struggle for survival than an exhilarating path to development.’
    • ‘Moving from college to career can be energizing, intimidating, exhilarating, exhausting.’
    • ‘To judge by the reactions of some astronauts, walking in space was an exhilarating experience.’
    • ‘To be at Ground Zero with Jackie was the most exhilarating experience I will ever have.’
    • ‘They say the best way to experience the falls is by taking an exhilarating jet boat ride.’
    • ‘To be a young American artist in post-World War II Paris must have been exhilarating.’
    • ‘The spiritual journey is fraught with danger, full of unexpected twists, at times deeply discouraging, at times exhilarating.’
    • ‘The result is a strange display of exhilarating liberation paired with unsettling sordidness.’
    • ‘His voice was exhilarating, thrilling beyond any description.’
    • ‘First, there is the exhilarating hunch, the certainty of truth.’
    • ‘In the space of an exhilarating month the US tactics in Afghanistan have suddenly borne fruit.’
    • ‘Wonderland is an exhilarating, energetic film which combines a documentary feel with excellent performances.’
    • ‘Thirty exhilarating minutes later, we were at the ice camp.’
    • ‘On another occasion the return to civilization was less exhilarating.’
    • ‘Reaching the summit was only one of several exhilarating moments Creedon experienced during the climb.’
    • ‘It is an exhilarating, high-kicking dance in 2/4 time.’
    • ‘In their own way, such incidents stick in the memory as exhilarating adventures.’
    • ‘Coupled with the latest digital technology, the result is dazzling imagery and exhilarating animation.’