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  • An address or communication emphatically urging someone to do something.

    ‘no amount of exhortation had any effect’
    • ‘exhortations to eat well’
    • ‘It ends with an exhortation for better communication from all to help establish interdisciplinary collaboration for the ultimate benefit of patients.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, there is a preacherly tone to his exhortations that, now more than ever, celebrate and justify secularism and non-belief.’
    • ‘That story is more interesting than the civic exhortations the daily papers reported, right?’
    • ‘Distant exhortation will have least effect where action is most needed.’
    • ‘Each mate is responsible for driving his rowing crew faster; Stubbs manages this with odd, sermon-like exhortations.’
    • ‘Edwards also applies this truth to unbelievers with solemn warnings and exhortations.’
    • ‘Consumers have repeatedly ignored exhortations to buy British and the like in favour of global products.’
    • ‘One does not take away that choice by permitting, encouraging or preventing the exhortation of the citizen to litigate or not to litigate.’
    • ‘What he needed more than anything, though, was an early goal, to persuade the crowd that their exhortations were worth it.’
    • ‘To you our discourse is addressed, and for you our exhortation is intended.’
    • ‘But repeated exhortations to stop reading in your bedroom, go outside and not be so anti-social do have an impact, particularly when you can see the logic behind them.’
    • ‘Will his rebellion be accompanied by patriotic exhortations - the kind which we associate with the freedom struggle that followed?’
    • ‘Spurred by government exhortations to get fit, reduce congestion and save the environment, commuters are abandoning car for two wheels as never before.’
    • ‘But these exhortations have changed little at the grass-roots level.’
    • ‘Delivering a series of exhortations, he'll turn a garden party into political group therapy.’
    • ‘Through the closed window in the chambers, the rhythmic exhortations of the protesters could be heard.’
    • ‘Concepts of fire and damnation have given way to more sanguine personal exhortations to love, service and devotion.’
    • ‘You can almost hear, watching their avidly gleeful faces, the exhortations of the stage manager to look more joyful.’
    • ‘He must ignore the exhortations to comment under those circumstances and if the media tears him apart, he must let them.’
    • ‘Each claims to be more cutting edge than the last, and yet each seems to be cut-and-pasted from the exhortations that preceded it.’
    urging, encouragement, persuasion, pressure, pressurization, pushing, insistence
    enjoinder, call, charge, injunction
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/ˌeɡzôrˈtāSH(ə)n/ /ˌɛɡzɔrˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌeksôrˈtāSH(ə)n/ /ˌɛksɔrˈteɪʃ(ə)n/