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  • Very small in size or amount.

    ‘my exiguous musical resources’
    • ‘My, you gave me an exiguous amount of time to answer that!’
    • ‘Given these exiguous resources, Faulkner's political achievements down to the end of 1973 were not inconsiderable.’
    • ‘The second one is that the relatively exiguous constraints on some obnoxious weapons are useless when an occupying power decides that it is at war with a population.’
    • ‘Even the clouds glimpsed in crevices between buildings above Wall Street are sliced into exiguous triangles.’
    • ‘A lot of the fun of reading these papers is seeing how an exiguous collection of commitments plays out in so many different domains.’
    • ‘So the charge made for the accommodation during her lifetime was the nominal charge referable to her exiguous state retirement pension.’
    inadequate, scanty, scant, paltry, limited, restricted, modest, insufficient, sparse, spare, deficient, negligible, insubstantial, skimpy, short, little, lean, small, slight, slender, poor, miserable, pitiful, puny, miserly, niggardly, beggarly
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/eɡˈziɡyəwəs/ /ɛɡˈzɪɡjəwəs/ /ekˈsiɡyəwəs/ /ɛkˈsɪɡjəwəs/


Mid 17th century from Latin exiguus ‘scanty’ (from exigere ‘weigh exactly’) + -ous.