Definition of exostosis in English:


nounplural noun exostoses/-sēz/

  • A benign outgrowth of cartilaginous tissue on a bone.

    ‘Trauma, chronic exposure to moisture, and exostoses make otitis externa a common ailment among surfers.’
    • ‘The symptoms produced by exostoses are a prolonged blocked feeling of the ears after water activities with deafness and recurrent otitis externa.’
    • ‘Despite no difference noted in outcome, the authors concluded that the exostosis should be excised if prominent and easily accessible when associated with posterior shoulder pain and tenderness.’
    • ‘In the present study, all except one of the patients had a solitary exostosis.’
    • ‘Patients with exostoses often report a history of cold-water swimming.’



/ˌeksäˈstōsis/ /ˌɛksɑˈstoʊsɪs/


Late 16th century from Greek, from ex- ‘out’ + osteon ‘bone’.