Definition of expanded in English:



  • 1Being or having been enlarged or extended.

    ‘The individual was able to interface with an enlarged public and an expanded dialogical space emerged.’
    • ‘Other enthusiasts are looking forward to extending the line west, to offer passengers an expanded service.’
    • ‘As well as the expanded garden centre, the firm have also applied to extend and slightly alter an approved restaurant unit at the park.’
    • ‘An enlarged Europe will mean hugely expanded markets for Irish exports.’
    • ‘But the workshops had not been extended to meet the needs of the expanded population, and this was a cause for concern.’
    • ‘What was the point of the interview with the athlete other than to inflate the already expanded ego of one of rugby's most overrated players?’
    • ‘Additional phone lines and an expanded voting window helped swell the tally.’
    • ‘He asked some good and difficult questions about the deleterious consequences for inflation of the government's expanded fiscal agenda.’
    • ‘Their greatest innovations came as a live band in the San Francisco club, extending their solos and trebling their volume to fit the expanded consciousness of their audiences.’
    • ‘The service is essentially an expanded site hosting gig, extended into the areas of content and digital rights management.’
    • ‘Further research is needed to replicate and extend the current findings about adolescent suicide, using expanded samples of personal documents and other methodologies.’
    • ‘The original framework could be extended, and much of the expanded volume has been to do with modern concerns about climate control and environmental engineering.’
    • ‘The environmental and social justice movement is an attempt to, in a sense, enlarge its vocabulary to create a vastly expanded sense of what is possible for human kind.’
    • ‘They said the expanded figure was due to access to new documents and enlarging the period under consideration from 1991 to 2003.’
    • ‘An expanded multi-sectorial response was currently in place which would extend to the reach of current prevention efforts.’
    • ‘A pot belly and bloating is another indication of an expanded and inflated colon that is full of fecal matter.’
    • ‘The aircraft manufacturers will also get busy again providing airlines with the kind of medium and long range aircraft they will need for such expanded operations.’
    • ‘It would lift visa caps to make it easier to bring in relatives, and it would ease restrictions for unskilled workers to enter the United States under an expanded H2B visa program.’
    • ‘The standoff has threatened to break apart the country, independent for just 13 years and lying between an expanded EU and its centuries-long master, Russia.’
    • ‘Here you'll also find factual information on the new European Constitution, which will make a newly expanded EU of 25 nations work better for all of us.’
    swollen, puffed out, puffed up, blown up, distended, inflated, enlarged, expanded, dilated, tumefied, bulging, ballooning, ballooning out, ballooning up, pumped out, pumped up
    1. 1.1Denoting materials which have a light cellular structure.
      ‘expanded polystyrene’
      • ‘Polystyrene can be physically modified into expanded polystyrene which is an ideal packaging and insulation material.’
      • ‘Finally, many forms of silt derive from the wreck itself, including rust particles, carpet fibres, coal dust, hardboard, wood and expanded foam panels, and oil/fuel residues.’
      • ‘I used to make an ersatz napalm with petrol and expanded polystyrene foam.’
      • ‘The two you're most likely to encounter and use are rock wool and some type of expanded clay.’
      • ‘At the institute, we study the atomic Fermi gas by analysing absorption images of the expanded gas.’
      • ‘Cover the base of the pot with a layer of coarse grit, stone chippings or the expanded clay granules often sold for houseplants.’
      • ‘It is a lightweight setup, made out of expanded foam.’
      • ‘Plants were grown in pots filled with expanded clay in the greenhouse during the spring of 1996 and 1997.’
      • ‘Being much less dense than balsa wood, these expanded polystyrene floats are much smaller, offering less resistance to the strike which should mean more fish are hooked.’
      • ‘In some species, the fully expanded grains were twice the length of contracted grains.’
      • ‘This is a more environmentally-friendly approach than the expanded polystyrene foam more commonly used.’
    2. 1.2Denoting sheet metal slit and stretched into a mesh, used to reinforce concrete and other brittle materials.
      ‘the curved soffit is finished with a strip of expanded metal mesh’
      • ‘The aluminium expanded mesh panels are simultaneously ambiguous and precise.’
      • ‘The wear liner employs a mechanical bond in the form of an expanded metal mesh that is welded onto the inner steel surface to be protected.’
      • ‘The company offers prefabricated panels with expanded zinc sheets inside to protect concrete piers in saltwater.’
      • ‘The render must also be further separated from the background by the use of a slip strip of building paper sandwiched between the expanded metal and the wall.’
      fully extended, outstretched, stretched out, spread out, fanned out, splayed out, expanded, unfolded, unfurled, open, open wide, wide open, opened out
    3. 1.3Relatively broad in shape.
      ‘the expanded fins of the ray’
      • ‘Distally expanded or paddle shaped geometries characteristic of rowing appendages are found in crustaceans, insects, teleosts, and tetrapods.’
      • ‘It is also accurately descriptive of the projectile's expanded shape.’
      • ‘It has an expanded head with a broad articular surface which articulates with the tibial condyle of the femur.’
      • ‘These three genera are ‘monoplane’ gliders, having greatly expanded pectoral fins but not pelvics.’



/ikˈspandəd/ /ɪkˈspændəd/ /ekˈspandəd/ /ɛkˈspændəd/