Definition of expectable in English:



See expect

‘That kind of explanation on the part of the companies is expectable, but it's a cop-out.’
  • ‘People who know that rebuffs are expectable and that failure is remediable - that it results from lack of effort or situational factors and not personal inadequacy - are not debilitated by setbacks.’
  • ‘What previously would have been dismissed as ‘wild’ analysis became acceptable and expectable, given these new models of image, text, and culture.’
  • ‘If utilitarians want their theory to allow more moral knowledge, they can make a different kind of move by turning from actual consequences to expected or expectable consequences.’
  • ‘But that is in fact an almost expectable event around his age, when people must come to terms with their limitations and old dreams for themselves.’



/ikˈspektəb(ə)l/ /ɪkˈspɛktəb(ə)l/