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  • Done with speed and efficiency.

    ‘an expeditious investigation’
    • ‘The reason for that inertia is simple: we prefer violence because it is the most expeditious, efficient, effective and easiest solution to most problems, if not all.’
    • ‘What he did is designed to eliminate those delays, to bring this process to a speedy and expeditious conclusion.’
    • ‘It has a mandate to deal with investigations in an expeditious manner, and should not have to tolerate inappropriate delays and what amounts to reprehensible conduct.’
    • ‘The introduction of this system will bring transparency and improve efficiency by way of reduced procurement time cycles and expeditious payment to suppliers.’
    • ‘Our judicial system is not renowned for its speedy and expeditious methods and court cases are often bogged down for years.’
    • ‘The system enables controllers to implement accurate, safe and expeditious approach plans to increase safety and airport efficiency.’
    • ‘We believe that the implementation of the resolution requires a full withdrawal in as expeditious a manner as possible.’
    • ‘What is your candidate going to do to try and mend fences between those fault lines, or conversely, is it more expeditious, politically, to exploit those fault lines?’
    • ‘Safeguards regarding national security issues should be considered, but the goal should be the fullest and most expeditious disclosure.’
    • ‘Our first desire is to settle in a fair and expeditious manner.’
    • ‘Action was taken in an expeditious manner before the public could become sufficiently informed to coalesce any opposition or provide a comprehensive debate.’
    • ‘We should gather widely, glean the best ideas, implement them in an expeditious fashion, and not turn down any offer of help.’
    • ‘Such a waiver, he wrote, ‘would be an expeditious end to this controversy.’’
    • ‘Although the final disposition of findings is still pending, opposition leaders are demanding an expeditious end to the already tarnished inquest.’
    • ‘Railway commuters in the State will also benefit from the possible and expeditious improvements in passenger amenities.’
    • ‘This was a national tragedy that was met by a courageous administration with conviction and action that was both expeditious and effective.’
    • ‘We need assessment processes which are both expeditious and fair.’
    • ‘Can you promise that there will be a more expeditious response this time?’
    • ‘Because of the plane's position it was decided that the most expeditious way to do this was with ladders to the rear door.’
    • ‘Certainly, the case for an expeditious coalition withdrawal gets stronger with every day, and every death.’
    speedy, swift, quick, rapid, fast
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/ˌekspəˈdiSHəs/ /ˌɛkspəˈdɪʃəs/


Late 15th century from expedition+ -ous.