Definition of explantation in English:




See explant

‘Other possible causes are trauma or injury to the breast, compression from mammography, accidents during implantation or explantation, manufacturing defects, and normal wear.’
  • ‘If the manufacturer of the explanted device cannot be identified by the device itself, the institution should make a good faith attempt to find out who the manufacturer is and report the device's explantation.’
  • ‘This saves energy, prolonging the life of the implanted device, minimizing the risk and expense to patient associated with early explantation and replacement of the implanted device.’
  • ‘After some opposition from his chief, he went to Boston and learnt the innovative operation of scleral explantation.’
  • ‘Lung tissue from the patients with emphysema was processed within 8 hours of explantation.’



/ikˌsplanˈtāSHən/ /ɪkˌsplænˈteɪʃən/ /ekˌsplanˈtāSHən/ /ɛkˌsplænˈteɪʃən/