Definition of exponential growth in English:

exponential growth

Pronunciation /ˈˌekspōˈnen(t)SHəl ɡrōTH/ /ˈˌɛkspoʊˈnɛn(t)ʃəl ɡroʊθ/


  • Growth whose rate becomes ever more rapid in proportion to the growing total number or size.

    ‘the exponential growth of the world's population’
    • ‘Polyploids show chromosome instability during exponential growth but do not manifest any other obvious growth defects.’
    • ‘If we examine the mode of change of key measures overtime, all demonstrate roughly exponential growth at different rates.’
    • ‘Maybe they really believed that this system would produce a kind of rapid exponential growth that would be truly beneficial.’
    • ‘In addition to experiencing exponential growth in data storage, organizations are also experiencing growth in user demand for that data.’
    • ‘Subpopulations were not of constant size over time, but instead underwent exponential growth.’