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  • Spoken or done without preparation.

    ‘an extemporaneous speech’
    • ‘In the old days, legislators delivered long-winded, convoluted, extemporaneous speeches from the floor.’
    • ‘When pressed for some favorite locations, Murdoch begins a long litany that is both incredibly informed and casually extemporaneous.’
    • ‘The manuscript should resemble an extemporaneous speech with short, relatively simple sentences and paragraphs, personal pronouns and occasional colloquialisms.’
    • ‘Does it happen in extemporaneous speech as well as in reading?’
    • ‘Teaching judo cannot be impromptu or extemporaneous.’
    • ‘His delivery is so smooth that it appears extemporaneous, but his analyses and the provocative bombs he drops hit with such precision that he played this tune before.’
    • ‘Cable news is a live and extemporaneous medium built around talk.’
    • ‘And more broadly, very few people can be relied on being constantly elegant, or even constantly grammatically correct, in extended extemporaneous commentary.’
    • ‘The ‘facts’ in this matter are that Clark made an extemporaneous statement on television that has been widely interpreted incorrectly.’
    • ‘At one time or another I also participated in extemporaneous speaking, poetry and prose reading, and in a particular lapse of sanity, number sense.’
    • ‘Articulate, educated, intelligent readers of mine: Are all your extemporaneous jokes marvels of perfect word choice?’
    • ‘I wonder why I never went into improv or extemporaneous speaking.’
    • ‘The clergy kept the crowd interested with holiday stories and a brief, extemporaneous worship service.’
    • ‘The former calypso monarch is widely regarded as a superb showman, one of the best at extemporaneous renditions while onstage.’
    • ‘I said that his big problem is that he's just not very good at extemporaneous speaking.’
    • ‘I particularly like the more extemporaneous remarks that he made afterwards.’
    • ‘It was an extemporaneous act with a lot of free association and politics.’
    • ‘He departed from traditional European norms by privileging the extemporaneous sermon over the scripted delivery.’
    • ‘This paper is based on the transcript of a largely extemporaneous keynote address given at the Web-Wise 2002 Conference at Johns Hopkins University.’
    • ‘Where common knowledge is extensive and scripting slight, there is deep improvisation; as in a rare, lively and extemporaneous debate in a social studies classroom.’
    extempore, extemporary, impromptu, spontaneous, unscripted, ad lib, on-the-spot
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/ikˌstempəˈrānēəs/ /ɪkˌstɛmpəˈreɪniəs/