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extension ladder

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  • A ladder that can be extended by means of sliding sections.

    ‘Never use a step ladder in a folded position by pretending it's an extension ladder and leaning it against something - the feet are angled the wrong way for this use, and the ladder will easily slip.’
    • ‘That family-owned extension ladder, in fact, serves as a community ladder.’
    • ‘So Brian welded an extension ladder on top of a really tiny wheeled base.’
    • ‘The tree appeared from ground level to be approximately 25 feet in height, so I retrieved my new 20-foot extension ladder that I'd been dying to use.’
    • ‘Properly angle an extension ladder to the surface.’
    • ‘We were able to gain access to most nests by using a 10-rn extension ladder or a tree-climbing belt, or with the help of a professional tree-climber.’
    • ‘The fire caused an estimated £10,000 worth of damage and two sections of flats had to be evacuated, with one resident having to be rescued by fire crews on an extension ladder.’
    • ‘At first, a stepladder sufficed to get us high enough, but soon an aluminum extension ladder was required for the higher fruit picking.’
    • ‘The picture in question is of a wooden extension ladder.’
    • ‘‘I had to get an extension ladder to get down to rescue him but it was good when we got him and we were able to get a home for him’.’
    • ‘A ladder should always be planted on a flat, even and solid surface, and you should never use an extension ladder on your own, for two reasons.’
    • ‘Climbing an extension ladder to reach the second story becomes a bit scarier with each passing year.’
    • ‘Do not stand on fragile roofs or surfaces to fix lights or decorations and take care if using an extension ladder.’
    • ‘For more elaborate decorating such as outside lighting an extension ladder will be needed.’