Definition of extractable in English:


Pronunciation /ikˈstraktəb(ə)l/ /ɪkˈstræktəb(ə)l/

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‘How much additional water might be extractable from that source is still unknown, but for the purpose of this estimate we have assumed an additional 30 MCM / Yr will be available.’
  • ‘Such a survey, while readily extractable from the extensive scholarship on modern China, is clearly beyond the purview of this essay.’
  • ‘Reserves are known sources of oil that are extractable given current technologies at current prices.’
  • ‘In Indonesia, the forest is mainly viewed as an extractable resource of timber only.’
  • ‘Total reserves of the Eordea trench represent 78% of the total known lignite fields in Greece; 58% of these fields are considered extractable with surface mining.’