Definition of extramundane in English:



  • Outside or beyond the physical world.

    ‘As participants in communication we adopt as it were an extramundane position with respect to the innerworldly items (including our own experiences) about which we can come to an understanding.’
    • ‘For the dominant Unity of the universe not only rules the world, but also constructs or makes it; and it is higher than the world and, if I may so put it, extramundane; it is thus the ultimate reason of things.’
    • ‘If heaven and earth, that is, the universe, were created, they must have had a creator; and that creator must be extramundane.’
    • ‘He is later trained in esoteric lore and if he shows aptitude for communication with extramundane powers, he is initiated into the professions of medicine’
    supernatural, magic, occult, mystical, mystic, paranormal, preternatural, other-worldly, spectral, ghostly, secret, dark, cryptic, uncanny, cabbalistic, shamanistic



/ˌekstrəmənˈdān/ /ˌɛkstrəmənˈdeɪn/