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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Discharge (moisture or a smell) slowly and steadily.

    ‘the beetle exudes a caustic liquid’
    • ‘In a 3-meter-by - 3-meter pond, there was a blackish-greenish liquid exuding a foul smell.’
    • ‘Above them is a large incense container that has been slowly swinging on a chain and exudes a pungent smell that lingers for the duration.’
    • ‘Under these conditions three of the transformants grew slowly and were observed to guttate, i.e. to exude droplets of liquid at the leaf margins.’
    • ‘Silk moth cocoons are made of a layer of silk that the caterpillar exudes from glands in its mouth.’
    • ‘The bruschetta was beautifully presented, encapsulating Summer and the Mediterranean in one fell swoop, and exuding the smell of freshly-chopped basil - a small piece of heaven, on a day when the heavens were opening outside.’
    • ‘Unlike other floral species, the Rafflesia exudes a smell of rotting flesh!’
    • ‘I imagined she'd smell of fresh plastic-wrapped computer components for some weird reason and was surprised by the clean, human smell she exuded.’
    • ‘Fry over a moderate heat for about 15 minutes until the mushrooms have exuded moisture, then dried to form a crumbly mush.’
    • ‘The experts should surely exude the wholesome smell of the clinic rather than the conservative mustiness of the courtroom.’
    • ‘On its skin are pores which exude droplets of moisture containing red pigment.’
    • ‘Treatment rooms in the Great Southern literally exude the smell of essential oils - a fragrance that remains on the skin hours after the treatment is over like a pleasant reminder of the treat.’
    • ‘The entire four-storey building exudes the smell of fresh paint - and of colossal corporate self-confidence.’
    • ‘Since there is less moisture in the air, the skin can become very dry and dehydrated, as it fails to replenish the moisture that is exuded naturally into the air.’
    • ‘They welcomed us in, lighting tapers laced with damar gum that exuded a wonderful smell and were attached to the walls, giving their house the feel of a baronial hall.’
    give off, give out, discharge, release, send out, send forth, emit, issue, emanate
    ooze, seep, trickle, issue, filter, percolate, escape, discharge, flow, well, drip, dribble, leak, leach, drain, bleed, sweat
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    1. 1.1no object (of moisture or a smell) be discharged by something slowly and steadily.
      ‘slime exudes from the fungus’
      • ‘A earthy, musky smell exuded from the forest that now surrounded him.’
      • ‘She shot out an arm and closed her eyes as white power exuded from her fingers - a pleasure-pain she had almost forgotten.’
      • ‘Warm tea exudes slowly from the glass into the chicken, adding fragrance to the chicken.’
      • ‘But a repellent slowly exuding from the bait would chase sharks off, leaving the target species unaffected.’
      • ‘How different the world of disinfectant would be without the fresh zingy fragrance of pine. Pine resin exudes from cuts in the needles or stem of the tree.’
      • ‘Pus exudes from the eyelash line in external hordeola and from the inner surface of eyelid in an internal hordeola.’
      • ‘I have never been much of a music person, preferring instead the sound of my own thoughts and the environmental sounds to the too-often grating noise that exudes from the radio or other music medium.’
      • ‘Pure sieve element sap can be collected as it exudes from the stump of stylets; this material has only been exposed to the inert inner surfaces of the stylets and hence is not altered by the insect.’
      • ‘There is a sly, subtle charm that exudes from this Sun-Moon combination.’
      • ‘The starch in the buds is converted into sugar, and the sweet nectar exudes from the flowers.’
      • ‘However, investigation of chemical signalling in lettuce is impractical, due to the difficulty of obtaining a xylem sap sample free of contamination from the latex which exudes from cut lettuce stumps.’
      • ‘As water continually exudes from a broken vessel, so is the period of life constantly being shortened.’
      • ‘The delightful lemon scent that exudes from its leaves when touched is so healing.’
      • ‘A white latex exudes from the incisions, rapidly darkening to a brownish or blackish color on exposure to air.’
      • ‘A warm fluid exuded from the mass of ulcers which had begun growing inside his mouth.’
      • ‘She would rather endure the stink of horse dung than be poisoned by the horrible smoke that exuded from these unappealing forms of transport.’
      • ‘Some juices will have exuded from the meat while it rested.’
      • ‘I gasped and a little puff of steam exuded from my mouth.’
      give off, give out, discharge, release, send out, send forth, emit, issue, emanate
      ooze, seep, trickle, issue, filter, percolate, escape, discharge, flow, well, drip, dribble, leak, leach, drain, bleed, sweat
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  • 2(of a person) display (an emotion or quality) strongly and openly.

    ‘Mr. Thomas exuded friendship and goodwill’
    • ‘The male singer and guitar player exude emotion.’
    • ‘Niamh has a voice of undisputed international quality and she also exudes charismatic quality, which guarantees a vibrant live performance.’
    • ‘It might have been different with any other player but he just exudes confidence.’
    • ‘Officials exude confidence that the projects would gain good speed once the elections are over.’
    • ‘The young director exudes the confidence born of success when he says that films turn stale when subjects are tailored to suit the artistes.’
    • ‘He hardly exudes confidence, but there is something steely and assured behind his quiet, shy manner.’
    • ‘I believe that an artist should not exude his agonies and nightmares to his viewers.’
    • ‘Some people exude outright disinterest and apathy towards their country's films.’
    • ‘While emphasising the need for discipline, she exuded a caustic anti-establishment manner which at the time I found particularly refreshing.’
    • ‘Really - it's something to do with exuding intelligence and sophistication.’
    • ‘Affecting a very strong accent and playing most of his scenes in a kind of deadpan sincerity, he attempts to achieve a sense of inner peace while at the same time exuding a silent power.’
    • ‘And here, enveloped in the power and aura that Skybury exuded, Ravenna understood how true that was.’
    • ‘Even though he was dressed for bed, Kayla could sense the power and influence he exuded.’
    • ‘He has a special presence in the water, exuding effortless power.’
    • ‘She exudes forceful understanding, deceptive manipulation, and occasional cluelessness with a rich helping of heart that radiates maternal concern.’
    • ‘She's as lively and impudent as the title suggests, and she exudes star power whenever she's on screen.’
    • ‘Yet he exudes a sense of calm and control, mainly because he has strict rules for how he operates.’
    • ‘Dressed in designer clothes and Gucci loafers, they exuded power and authority.’
    • ‘In her face, however, she wore the mask of one who exuded authority and quiet power.’
    • ‘I'd read in a book that animals exuded a sense of protection and safety to their owner.’
    emanate, radiate, ooze, give out, give forth, send out, issue, emit
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    1. 2.1(of a place) have a strong atmosphere of.
      ‘the building exudes an air of tranquility’
      • ‘With its cool black and beige colours, the place exudes a relaxing atmosphere.’
      • ‘Meditative and soft, his blurred landscapes exude a sense of atmosphere.’
      • ‘It's hard to describe, but the place just exudes corporate creepiness.’
      • ‘The whole place exudes old-fashioned charm and timeless style.’
      • ‘The place exuded a spirit of camaraderie even while players sang and danced in ecstasy in an apparent bid to make up for the anxiety and fretfulness they experienced in the past four days on the tracks.’
      • ‘They didn't know each other entirely, maybe just by their faces, but it was still the same sort of amicable atmosphere the place exuded.’
      • ‘The whole place exudes coolness without being pretentious.’
      • ‘Today just a few families remain and the place exudes a strange mix of film set and living museum.’
      • ‘The city of Bordeaux exudes wealth: its enormous, elegant squares easily rival the Place de Vosges in Paris or Piazza Navona in Rome.’
      • ‘A mixture of bunker and shed, the centre exudes a taut, functional elegance.’
      • ‘Best known for its legendary ski slopes, the alpine town exudes a cozy mix of old-world culture and international flair.’
      • ‘Even on a hot day, with the large car parks full of coaches testifying that there must be hundreds of people there, the entire camp exuded an awesome silence.’
      • ‘When skiing is over for the day, the town exudes music from every pore.’
      • ‘Like a rising sun, the city exudes energy and brilliant colour.’
      • ‘Opulence exudes from each nook and cranny, and that can be seen in every scene in the movie.’
      • ‘My second favorite is the Defender (Liberty heavy fighter), which is just a beautiful model that exudes elegance and power.’
      • ‘Despite the work's jerry-built appearance, it exuded an internal order that is both erudite and sophisticated.’
      • ‘Nastasha's head craned every which way like a child, looking at every bit of charming class exuded from the amazing house.’
      • ‘Liautaud's many animal reliefs exude a life force and presence reminiscent of the effects achieved by Jean Dubuffet.’
      • ‘The power of peace and tolerance that exuded from this area was overwhelming.’



/iɡˈzo͞od/ /ɪɡˈzud/ /eɡˈzo͞od/ /ɛɡˈzud/


Late 16th century from Latin exsudare, from ex- ‘out’ + sudare ‘to sweat’.