Definition of eye-popping in English:



  • Astonishingly or strikingly impressive.

    • ‘the company has doubled its assets to an eye-popping $113 billion’
    • ‘He would have put impressive, eye-popping things to catch our attention and keep us from looking at the right place.’
    • ‘What makes it so eye-popping is the astonishing ignorance of the law, intellectual laziness and political bias among so many of them.’
    • ‘It's not a very impressive name, but it has an eye-popping price tag of about $100,000.’
    • ‘In five years' time we could be spending an eye-popping £134 billion on our groceries, though much of this growth is attributed to inflation.’
    • ‘The second impressive thing about Pompeii. though, was more eye-popping - at least to my pubescent eyes.’
    • ‘A good looking, eye-popping building with zest and imagination at its core is needed to build on York's ‘historical importance’.’
    • ‘The film is academic and probing about its subject rather than bent on eye-popping thrills that the general audience has been conditioned to expect come showtime.’
    • ‘War, of course, is a constant source of eye-popping visuals.’
    • ‘An epic quest with the most eye-popping scenery on film.’
    • ‘This human crime fighting man-machine outwits villains with his eye-popping skills of using different gadgets present within his body.’
    • ‘This four-year liaison between a government whip and a junior government minister has everyone hooked, at least until the next eye-popping distraction.’
    • ‘Although I must admit - perhaps it's a girl thing - I don't remember so much eye-popping cleavage back then.’
    • ‘Just released in the US when I was there were two eye-popping exposés of the industry and its corrupting effect on medical science.’
    • ‘This year, Diane, his second wife and mother of his two school-age children, filed for divorce along with eye-popping maintenance demands.’
    • ‘Harvey joins us in eye-popping yellow from Glendale, California, live.’
    • ‘A migraine sufferer hopes her eye-popping paintings will give other people headaches… and reveal why so many people hate modern art.’
    • ‘Once you get past the eye-popping global spending sprees, the drug binges and the sheer amount of hard work, this book's full of graphic bisexual escapades.’
    • ‘Schultz is now painting in acrylics and his approach gives the suite of ten paintings an eye-popping hard edged, illustrative quality.’
    • ‘Perhaps because it was a Saturday, most of the truly eye-popping fashions were on the racks, and fewer were on the shoppers.’
    • ‘First, through the National Agreement, they managed to get an eye-popping salary increase coupled with a substantial reduction in hours.’



/ˈīˌpäpiNG/ /ˈaɪˌpɑpɪŋ/