Definition of eye tracking in English:

eye tracking


  • The recording and study of the movements of the eyes in following a moving object, lines of printed text, or other visual stimulus, used as a diagnostic procedure or a means of evaluating and improving the visual presentation of information.

    ‘the company uses webcam-based eye tracking to monitor how consumers absorb content and advertising’
    • ‘an eye-tracking device’
    • ‘The study employed some very interesting eye tracking technology from eyetools which let them see exactly where people were looking on the page, for how long, and where there eyes went next.’
    • ‘This technology depends either on eye tracking via some sort of a camera, or a metadatabase.’
    • ‘One promising technology is eye tracking, which is non-invasive but recognizes inattentiveness, drowsiness, and impairment.’
    • ‘Wipe this Walkman-sized device back and forth across your document - in any direction or speed - and the little genie inside reassembles the fragments into a perfect scan, thanks to a double laser eye tracking system.’
    • ‘To ensure that the treatment stays centered on the patient's cornea, the system uses an active eye tracking system.’