Main definitions of f in English

: f1F2F3


Pronunciation /ef/ /ɛf/

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  • 1Farad.

  • 2Farthing.

  • 3Father.

  • 4Fathom.

  • 5Feet.

  • 6Grammar

  • 7Female.

  • 8in combination (in units of measurement) femto- (10¹⁵).

  • 9Filly.

  • 10Fine.

  • 11(in textual references) folio.

  • 12Foot.

  • 13Form.

  • 14Music

  • 15(in racing results) furlong(s).

  • 16Franc.

  • 17From.

  • 18Chemistry
    Denoting electrons and orbitals possessing three units of angular momentum.

    • ‘f-orbitals’

  • 1Focal length.

    See also f-number

    • ‘apertures of f/5.6 to f/11’
  • 2Mathematics
    A function of a specified variable.

    • ‘the value of f(x)’
  • 3Electronics

Main definitions of F in English

: f1F2F3


(also f)

Pronunciation /ef/ /ɛf/

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nounFs, F's

  • 1The sixth letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1Denoting the next after E in a set of items, categories, etc.
    2. 1.2The sixth highest or lowest class of academic marks (also used to represent “Fail”)
      ‘they are guaranteed F's if they goof around’
      • ‘Moreover, not only Fs but also Ds are frowned on, and grades are regularly inflated to achieve C averages.’
      • ‘In the schools I went to, when you get that many Fs, you flunk out.’
    3. 1.3fChess Denoting the sixth file from the left, as viewed from White's side of the board.
      ‘Black has no way to oppose the Rooks on the f-file.’
      • ‘I don't like black's vulnerable f file or e5 pawn however.’
  • 2usually FMusic
    The fourth note of the diatonic scale of C major.

    1. 2.1A key based on a scale with F as its keynote.
      • ‘The key of F is found most commonly in folk-oriented music.’

Main definitions of F in English

: f1F2F3


Pronunciation /ef/ /ɛf/

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  • 1Fahrenheit.

    • ‘60°F’
  • 2Farad(s).

  • 3FChemistry

  • 4(in racing results) favorite.

    • ‘2nd Miss Prism 2–1 F’
  • 5Female.

  • 6Fighter (in designations of US aircraft types)

    • ‘the F117 Stealth fighter’
  • 7(in auto racing) formula.

    • ‘an F1 driver’
  • 8Franc(s)

    • ‘$1.00 = F5.9645 as at April 29’
  • 9Failure.

  • 10False.

  • 11February.

  • 12Fellow.

  • 13Forint.

  • 14France.

  • 15French.

  • 1The chemical element fluorine.

  • 2Physics

    • ‘F = ma’



/ef/ /ɛf/