Definition of fabless in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a company which designs microchips but contracts out their production rather than owning its own factory.

    ‘the newcomers' strategy was fabless production’
    • ‘We operate an efficient and streamlined fabless business model, which ensures sustainable profits even when competition is particularly intense.’
    • ‘More than 300 so-called fabless chipmakers in the US also source more than half of their silicon wafers from Taiwanese semiconductor foundries.’
    • ‘We see a bright future ahead in terms of growth for the whole semiconductor industry, and for the fabless industry and for the foundry industry.’
    • ‘Like code, a chip's design and its implementation in silicon aren't necessarily one and the same, but that's going to be hard for fabless operations - companies that don't actually make silicon - to accept.’
    • ‘The company has suggested that it will spin-off its loss-making chip business, and a fabless, or at least fab-light division would make it a more attractive buy.’



/ˈfablis/ /ˈfæblɪs/


1980s from fab+ -less.