Definition of Fabry–Pérot interferometer in English:

Fabry–Pérot interferometer


  • An interferometer that incorporates an etalon, used chiefly in astronomy.

    ‘In optics, a Fabry-Pérot interferometer or etalon is typically made of a transparent plate with two reflecting surfaces, or two parallel highly reflecting mirrors.’
    • ‘The Fabry-Perot interferometer also represents a tool essential to studying lasers.’


Fabry–Pérot interferometer

/fäˌbrēpāˌrō ˌintərfəˈrämədər/ /fɑˌbripeɪˌroʊ ˌɪntərfəˈrɑmədər/


Early 20th century named after Charles Fabry (1867–1945) and Alfred Pérot (1863–1925), French physicists.