Definition of fabulously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfabyələslē/ /ˈfæbjələsli/

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  • 1informal Extremely well; wonderfully.

    • ‘we all seemed to be getting along fabulously’
    • ‘the fabulously named village of Nether Wallop’
    • ‘a fabulously decorated room’
    • ‘There are two main staircases, both fabulously decorated with oil paintings.’
    • ‘She was beautiful, fabulously dressed, and captivating.’
    • ‘Bottersnikes & Gumbles is a fabulously named children's animation show currently in production.’
    • ‘Superbly presented, deeply researched and fabulously illustrated, it’s a book for anyone in love with images and image making.’
    • ‘Catch a performance at the fabulously restored Hawaii Theater.’
    • ‘Her relationship with Jed is going fabulously.’
    • ‘They all sing pretty fabulously and in style.’
    • ‘I'd say that they succeeded fabulously.’
    • ‘This season is turning out so fabulously, it's almost convinced me to stay.’
    • ‘She used it as a diary organiser, which worked fabulously until the battery ran down and lost all her information.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To an extraordinary degree; immensely.
      • ‘they worked really hard and did fabulously well’
      • ‘fabulously glamorous models’
      • ‘He ruled the country for 12 years, during which he became fabulously wealthy.’
      • ‘Fabulously chilled-out music to go with a fabulously relaxing journey.’
      • ‘He was fabulously rich.’
      • ‘This CD is a fabulously entertaining and enjoyable production.’
      • ‘Croatia is a fabulously beautiful country.’
      • ‘Everything's going so fabulously well!’
      • ‘This is a fabulously written article that hits the nail on the head.’
      • ‘It is a fabulously atmospheric place to play.’
      • ‘The Halloween party was fabulously bizarre!’
      • ‘I'm fabulously lucky to know you all.’