Definition of fabulousness in English:



See fabulous

‘Of course I'd gotten it online, a fabulous price at a fabulous place that required prepayment for all this fabulousness, and imposed a one-night penalty for a cancellation within 24 hours.’
  • ‘I own several scruffy-looking fleece tops that make me feel cheap and shabby whenever I wear them, so I was on the lookout for warm and slinky knitwear to help bring out my inner fabulousness.’
  • ‘I'd love to see New York from a native's eyes, just to take all that gigantic fabulousness for granted.’
  • ‘There is no way I am ever going to measure up to the fabulousness that is Andre (though he can't see it in himself) or the calibre of his other guests.’
  • ‘It was that sense of general fabulousness that got us all so excited when the award was announced.’