Definition of face-saving in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfās ˌsāviNG/ /ˈfeɪs ˌseɪvɪŋ/

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  • The preserving of one's reputation, credibility, or dignity.

    ‘a face-saving solution for both sides’
    • ‘The face-saving compromise now being pushed into the future of licensing reforms is to allow restaurants to offer the full range of alcoholic drinks as part of their service.’
    • ‘The others agreed to consider it, and negotiated face-saving compromises which fell far short of Olivares' proposals.’
    • ‘This seemed to be a compromise, face-saving revelation that would allow more frankness further down the line.’
    • ‘They strain credibility by taking the universal language of face-saving and meaningless political rhetoric to the limit.’
    • ‘This unbelievable remark was followed by a grim attempt at face-saving, one that relied heavily on the convenient myth of ‘liberation’.’
    • ‘It was always going to be an exercise in face-saving and at least I can take something positive out of that.’
    • ‘But the one thing I always cautioned about was, that you did not want to back him into such a corner that there was no face-saving way to get out, because in that corner, he would lash out.’
    • ‘The stand-off has nothing to do with meaningful policy (despite what the politicians and the media say) and everything to do with politics and face-saving.’
    • ‘Isn't this more face-saving than precedent-blocking?’
    • ‘This bluster might be just that - face-saving public relations.’
    • ‘What do you do when, instead of being greeted with flowers, you find your army is tied down by insurgents and you have no face-saving way to get out of the morass?’
    • ‘How many streets will have to remain unswept, how many refuse bins left to overflow, and roadways left to crumble to help pay for this latest face-saving exercise?’
    • ‘The doctors have already got much of what they wanted and Abbot's face-saving inquiry will probably give them the rest before Christmas.’
    • ‘Double standards and displacement of blame are persistent face-saving strategies.’
    • ‘You know, there's all this easy talk about face-saving culture of China, but this is power politics.’
    • ‘These are not corrective action but face-saving and delay tactics.’
    • ‘The local media also broke new ground by announcing the Ryongchon disaster, but with face-saving twists.’
    • ‘We all delude ourselves to varying degrees, but we normally have some face-saving excuse.’
    • ‘My friend thought he had beaten a rapid retreat after the initial, face-saving show of bravado.’
    • ‘Pushing through rushed legislation for political face-saving is a massive backwards step.’