Definition of face swap in English:

face swap


  • An instance of digitally swapping the faces of two subjects in an image, for humorous effect.

    ‘their face swap is hilarious’
    • ‘Their face swap went viral recently.’
    • ‘Look a little closer at his photo and you suddenly realise it's actually a face swap.’
    • ‘We decided to jump into the craze and create a face-swap series of our own.’
    • ‘The pair did a face swap and David posted the snap to his Instagram.’
    • ‘I recently spent an entire dinner with four other designers trying to figure out how to do a face swap.’
    • ‘The married couple shared a hilarious video of themselves doing a face swap.’
    • ‘The couple just posted a face swap and it's so creepy and perfect.’
    • ‘He later posted another Faceswap of him pretending to be the singer in a video clip.’
    • ‘The app's first truly ubiquitous meme was a disastrous face-swap between a dad and his baby.’
    • ‘Celebrity face swaps are one of the latest things that is trending in both Hollywood and Bollywood.’
    • ‘It turns out that the picture was a fake and that some very clever user had put together a pretty convincing face swap.’

intransitive verbintransitive verb face-swaps, intransitive verb face-swapping, intransitive verb face-swapped

(also face-swap)
[no object]
  • Digitally swap the face of one subject in an image with another, for humorous effect.

    ‘he passed the time by face-swapping with fans’
    • ‘The pair even face swapped on a mobile phone app when at an awards do last year.’
    • ‘Face swapping is never not hilarious.’
    • ‘They had a new filter where you can face swap with any pic.’
    • ‘We began wondering what it would look like if Prince George face swapped with Will.’
    • ‘We face swapped and it was awesome and terrifying.’
    • ‘The mother-daughter duo face swapped again.’
    • ‘In some images, a crying baby is face-swapped with its crying mother—for a hilarious and totally relatable image.’
    • ‘One cheeky fan even face-swapped the pair, with remarkably uncanny results.’
    • ‘Hundreds of fathers have taken to the social networking site to share their Face Swapped selfies with their babies.’
    • ‘Now you can face-swap with absolutely any image you desire.’