Definition of face validity in English:

face validity


  • The degree to which a procedure, especially a psychological test or assessment, appears effective in terms of its stated aims.

    ‘there is a high reliance on face validity and relatively little systematic evaluation is carried out’
    • ‘The scale has face validity as a measure of psychological distress.’
    • ‘For any particular competency model, content and face validity are essentially subjective judgements.’
    • ‘Measures like reading scores seem to possess face validity, in the sense that they appear to exhibit a correspondence with what they are measuring.’
    • ‘Since clearly aversive substances such as lithium chloride also produce taste aversion, the taste aversion model appears to have little face validity.’
    • ‘In preparation for the present pilot study, the authors evaluated the clinical practicability and face validity of telemedicine assessment for diabetes foot care.’


face validity

/fās vəˈlidədē/ /feɪs vəˈlɪdədi/