Definition of faced in English:



  • 1in combination Having a face or expression of a specified kind.

    ‘a pimply-faced teenager’
    • ‘a burly, square-faced doorman’
    • ‘sad-faced children’
    • ‘I was a fresh-faced college kid who had grown up in a really strict working class immigrant household in Massachusetts.’
    • ‘Sitting behind the desk was a grim-faced grey-haired woman.’
    • ‘A sad-faced colleague told me that a portion of the building had just collapsed.’
    • ‘"I don't know what you're talking about," Begala said, blank-faced.’
    • ‘Shanza, white-faced and rigid, was standing next to a small round table.’
  • 2in combination Having a surface or front of a specified kind.

    ‘a heavy, square-faced hammer’
    • ‘a stone-faced building’
    • ‘In this section you will learn how to install wood-faced panels on different surfaces.’
    • ‘A marble-faced monument inside the fort commemorates the completion of the conquest.’
    • ‘The granite-faced north building rises 77 metres above ground level.’
    • ‘Where can I buy oak-faced MDF or plywood?’
    1. 2.1Geometry (of a solid) having a specified number of surfaces.
      ‘a twelve-faced solid’
      • ‘The atoms are arranged in a four-faced pyramidal structure.’
  • 3(of a piece of stone or other material) having a smoothed or polished surface.

    ‘walls and pillars had faced stone on the outer surfaces’
    • ‘We used this split faced marble on the lower face of our bar area.’
    • ‘The edges of split faced walling are hand pitched to create a convex face.’
  • 4(of a playing card) turned face up.

    ‘he gets the faced card as his first card’
    • ‘When a faced card is discovered during the deal, the cards must be reshuffled and dealt again.’



/fāst/ /feɪst/