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  • 1mainly British informal A blow to the face.

    • ‘I wish I'd landed him a facer!’
    • ‘In the twelfth round, Gamble put in a tremendous facer, that split his opponent's nose, and the claret flew in all directions.’
    • ‘A good deal of sparring took place, when, a favourable opportunity offering, Gulley put in a desperate facer, which Gregson immediately returned, by giving his adversary a severe blow on the side of the head.’
    1. 1.1A sudden difficulty or obstacle.
      ‘I didn't know they'd gone; it's a bit of a facer, isn't it?’
      • ‘It was a facer, Yetive and Beverly felt as though a steel trap suddenly had been closed down upon them.’
      • ‘It was a facer for Balcom and he quickly guided the conversation into less dangerous channels.’
      difficulty, issue, trouble, worry, complication, difficult situation, mess, muddle, mix-up



/ˈfāsər/ /ˈfeɪsər/