Definition of facialist in English:



  • A person who gives facials and other beauty treatments for the face.

    ‘She is a petite facialist with a firm touch.’
    • ‘But this experience brings up the question of how one should pick their facialist.’
    • ‘A facialist can be a star's best friend, but you don't have to drop big bucks to achieve similar results at home.’
    • ‘Inexperienced facialists may be doing extractions improperly.’
    • ‘This is why you should visit qualified facialists recommended by friends, dermatologists or other trusted sources.’
    • ‘After all, as Autumn, wise waxtician and facialist of Duque, says, "Honey, you're always dating yourself!"’



/ˈfāSHələst/ /ˈfeɪʃələst/