Definition of facilis descensus Averni in English:

facilis descensus Averni


(also facilis descensus Averno)
  • ‘The descent into Avernus is easy’: easy is the descent into hell. Chiefly figurative: it is easy to slip into evil or immoral ways.

    Avernus was the name of a deep lake near Puteoli, the reputed entrance to the underworld.


facilis descensus Averni

/ˈfasɪlɪs dɛˈsɛnsəs əˈvəːnʌɪ/ /ˈfakɪlɪs dɛˈskɛnsəs əˈvəːnʌɪ/


Mid 16th century. From classical Latin facilis dēscensus Avernī (Virgil Aeneid 6. 126, in some manuscripts; the preferred reading is Avernō), lit. the descent of (or to) Avernus (is) easy from facilis + dēscensus + Avernī (or Avernō), genitive (or dative) of Avernus.