Definición de facilitative en inglés


Pronunciación /-ˌtātiv/


See facilitate

‘In addition, he said the goals of chambers of commerce and progressive governments are highly complementary, as both entities seek to ensure a highly facilitative environment for conducting business.’
  • ‘Another piece of evidence that supported the study was that male talk tends to be more referential or informative, while female talk is more supportive and facilitative.’
  • ‘In fact, the role of the state, consistent with its position of neutrality, in these matters should be minimal and facilitative at the most.’
  • ‘Care in the health profession context refers to those assistive, supportive, or facilitative acts toward or for another individual or group with evident or anticipated needs to ameliorate or improve a human condition or lifeway.’
  • ‘The approach builds social competence, prosocial behaviors, antidrug use attitudes and behaviors, a nondeviant peer network, and more developmentally facilitative family relationships.’