Definition of facilitatory in English:


Pronunciation /-təˌtôrē/


See facilitate

‘‘There is nothing wrong with Government involvement in agricultural markets, however its role should be facilitatory and non-discriminatory, transparent, consistent and known to all,’ he said.’
  • ‘It would also be useful for future research to include paradigms involving startle modification by inhibitory and facilitatory prestimulation.’
  • ‘In other words, the function of one organ could have facilitatory as well as inhibitory actions on other organs via their connections, namely meridians, blood, and qi (vital air).’
  • ‘In laboratory studies in which participants view an emotionally laden film or staged incident, results typically show clear facilitatory effects of emotional arousal on memory.’
  • ‘Those in charge need to claim ownership of the process and see the improvements as their own, even if their contribution was facilitatory rather than active.’