Definition of factitiousness in English:



See factitious

‘I guess that there's some part of me beneath all the factitiousness that really hopes life will have the happily ever after ending after all.’
  • ‘He runs through the disadvantages: the journal has no ‘mission’, no necessity; it forces the writer to strike poses, and in its triviality, inessentiality, and factitiousness incessantly opens the comic question, ‘Am I?’’
  • ‘The form or ‘factitiousness’ of the anecdote provides the shape and the subjectivity of the account.’
  • ‘And a reader who remembered that Arnaldo Momigliano and Brian Croke wrote important articles in the 1970s and 1980s on the factitiousness of the traditional 476 CE date for "the fall of the Roman empire" -- such a reader would be surprised to find the old date resurrected and defended here.’
  • ‘n many cases, it may be possible, from the suddenness and character of the symptoms, not only to detect the factitiousness of the disease, but to discover what particular substance had been used to induce it.’