Definition of facts and figures in English:

facts and figures

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  • Precise details.

    ‘he presents the facts and figures of his case openly and honestly’
    • ‘The Disability Rights Commission doesn't have detailed facts and figures.’
    • ‘And people can request facts and figures on current issues as well as from local authority files dating back hundreds of years.’
    • ‘Armchair analysts and cricket pundits are catching upon game statistics to reel off facts and figures in an instant.’
    • ‘Dozens of websites are devoted to compiling facts and figures about the number 23 and detailing those whose lives have been ruled by it.’
    • ‘People need to be informed of undisputed facts and figures to enable a clear assessment of the situation.’
    • ‘The plaintiffs would then have to give particulars and facts and figures to support it.’
    • ‘Sure, he'll talk about money and finance - those facts and figures - but won't touch topics closer to my heart.’
    • ‘A night of restful sleep before the test is the best way to ensure that the brain is ready with facts and figures, when the time comes to put pen to paper.’
    • ‘You're great at math and science because you prefer hard facts and figures over messy concepts and ideas.’
    • ‘The message in this particular context was that an over-dependence on facts and figures to prove a specific point could be unrealistic.’