Definition of fader in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfādər/ /ˈfeɪdər/


  • A device or control for varying the volume of sound, the intensity of light, or the gain on a video or audio signal.

    ‘The device features six channel faders, two master faders, an integrated routing system, and comprehensive monitoring and talkback facilities for control room and studio.’
    • ‘Pretty much, when you push the faders up, the sound is already there on those recordings.’
    • ‘This is all done with the headphones on: the track you want to fade in can't be heard on the loudspeakers as the fader is at positioned towards the other channel.’
    • ‘The mixing desk was a good five feet wide, with more channels, faders and gain and balance controls than you'd find in a professional broadcast station.’
    • ‘Controlling your digital audio system with real knobs and faders is a joy.’