Definition of failover in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfālˌōvər/ /ˈfeɪlˌoʊvər/


  • A method of protecting computer systems from failure, in which standby equipment automatically takes over when the main system fails.

    as modifier ‘the second server went into failover mode within a minute’
    • ‘If the primary server crashes, then the high availability operating system running failover software will reschedule its task to the standby server.’
    • ‘The servers can be arranged behind $50,000 load-balancing and failover systems to swap out servers automatically upon failure.’
    • ‘For users who like to stay current with operating system releases, this means testing of path failover software may unknowingly take place onsite rather than in the vendor's lab.’
    • ‘All services are configured to failover automatically to the slave in case of a failure on the master node.’
    • ‘A primary path failure does not necessarily cause loss of connection unless path failover software is either not implemented or malfunctions.’



/ˈfālˌōvər/ /ˈfeɪlˌoʊvər/