Definition of fair-market value in English:

fair-market value


  • A selling price for an item to which a buyer and seller can agree.

    ‘Prior to 1969, anyone who created such works could deduct their fair-market value, provided that the works were donated to an appropriate institution.’
    • ‘With few exceptions, auctioned cars tend to sell in the $400 to $500 range, even if their fair-market value is estimated to be much higher.’
    • ‘Currently, the main way to get a sense of your stock's fair-market value is - as it's always been - by negotiating a deal.’
    • ‘As an accounting requirement, IBM had to estimate the fair-market value of the assets that it had acquired.’
    • ‘They can claim a tax deduction for the fair-market value of the car, which most charities will accept in any condition.’